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eric dane

what can i say about eric dane? he's the best guitar player i've heard in a long long long time. so good, yet, so versatile...he's fluent in rock, country, blues, and rockabilly. the kentucky wildcat came down to houston and found his niche in the houston music scene going from session player to guitar player in the great carolyn wonderland's band, who toured all over the united states opening for some of the most well known national acts and blues legends (john lee hooker, joe guitar hughes, buddy guy, koko taylor just to name a few). they were the host band at sturgis biker rally every year. carolyn wonderland and the imperial monkeys was voted houston press awards' 'blues band of the year' for several years straight, where eric dane was also the 'blues guitar player of the year' every one of those years. he stretched out into all directions, teaming up with the great skinny g and chris king to form the hound dog taylor tribue band, where they payed tribute to their guitar idol.

sonny and eric in the good old days

when i first heard them play, it was after a rehearsal real late at night. i came in with a friend who had told me about it. having known eric from carolyn's band i knew he was a great player. after nursing a bottle of canadian wiskey, they broke into some *serious* elmore james 'dust my broom' with two guitars and a drum. i've been a fan ever since.

after leaving carolyn wonderland's band, he's played around in several bands. great houston bands like jimmy's pawn shop and the great greg wood's band. his latest project is been gettin back together with his old bass player cris king ,an down town , kick ass drummer, leesa leesa, both from the carolynn wonderland days, an forming "the rehilbilliteen".... i've heard them an they kick natural arse... he is admired by many musicians around the world.