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  Little Joe Washington with Microphone Little Joe Washington, blues legend from Houston, Texas' Third-Ward, is currently featured on the cover of Living Blues magazine. Buy his new CD Then and Now from his official website.Little Joe is currently planning a European tour for Summer 2006. Check back or contact us for details.
  At Raggedyass Productions we help independent musicians and up and coming artists and entrepreneurs express their craft to a world that is hungry for the real. We strive to express the raw, and not be based in the plastic pseudo-cool BS, but to make every one of our oven-baked ideas fresh. Let's face it, perfection is for suckers. specializes in vintage and antique microphones, mic stands, and cables. We offer a variety of harp mics, classic Elvis style microphones, broadcast mics, and other mics from the 1930s through the 1960s, all in excellent condition. These classics provide a polished look and an old time vintage sound to rockabilly bands, blues musicians, and harp players.
"There is nothing in this world that is perfect." -WC Fields